Sugar Withdrawal


I made this really delicious bean stew last week. Since then, my eating plan has taken a turn for the super strict because I figured out that the only way my skin is going to improve (and therefore my sleep and general sanity) is to cut out all forms of sugar, including things like brown rice, carrots, and lentils. (I watched a vlog where a guy cleared his psorasis by doing this. His skin was perfectly clear. Yes, I've hit rock bottom and I'm open to anything at this point.) This is a Hail Mary play; if I lose another night's sleep I am going to lose my mind.

Diet stories can be really boring, but if you're here and suffering from eczema, I went on a plant-based eating plan for nine days. During that time, my digestion improved a lot. (TMI: The combination of blended green vegetables and good fats has paved the way for smooth bowel movements; I know some of you are struggling with gastrointestinal issues so I figured I'd share. Two tablespoons of soaked flax seeds in your smoothie will make a huge difference.)

Yesterday, I cut out all sugar, fruits, starches, and grains for the next three months. By evening, I was in so much pain from sugar withdrawal, I imagine it was like coming off heroin. I was lying on the couch watching How to Get Away with Murder and shaking while trying not to vomit.  Plus I was so hungry I thought I was going to pass out in the shower. When I got into bed my body felt like a burlap sack of rocks. So today I added meat back into my diet. (No eggs and dairy due to allergies.) The red patch on my neck has already started to clear up overnight. I'm still suffering from brain fog though and I woke up at four a.m. because my legs were so itchy.

Still, I believe that I'm on the verge of being well enough to start writing again. I'm making space to make it happen.