Therapy is the Shit

Back when I was a trashmonster who thought I could just white knuckle my way through life, I was wary of therapy. The thing is, I really had no idea what it was and I'd internalized the idea that anyone who needed help was somehow shameful, terrible at life, and indulgent. I put a lot of pressure on my writing as the place where I worked out my darkness. No wonder I used to loathe writing so much. Then I got ten free therapy sessions and it changed my life. I went from thinking that therapy was shit to knowing that is it the good shit. Now I look back and think it's so silly that I didn't think my mind was worth the time, money, and, care.

 This essay by Danielle Butler for Very Smart Brothas made me think yes yes yes! It really spoke to me. Butler raises many good points, including: "I’ve since had a few more sessions with my therapist  and I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea of both needing and accepting help, and my needing therapy and help not being an admission of my own inadequacy."

So if you are finding yourself looping around the same issues over and over again, perhaps it's time to consider trying therapy.  

PS: If you're a person of colour, I recommend finding a therapist who believes that racism exists.