Goodbye, Hiram To

Last week I forgot to post because I flew into Vancouver and I had to balance my regular office hours and jet lag. This morning I was still processing the death of my friend Hiram To. So this week, I offer you the story of an amazing person who has left us too soon.

I first met Hiram when I was working for Time Out Hong Kong. He was the only artist I interviewed over three months who offered friendship, mentorship, and kindness without asking for anything in return. As my friend JK puts it, Hiram was the voice of reason. He always pushed me to think more critically, to find beauty, to cut the bullshit, to be curious, to rock a good outfit, to get on a plane with three days notice to fly to LA to interview James Franco. He was always able to deal with my rage with a witty comment.

In coming days you'll read obituaries that tell you all about his impressive resume, so I'm not going to list his many accomplishments. At core he was the sort of friend who would make sure you had all the magazines and books you needed while you were serving jail time while coordinating your visiting hours so that you never found yourself neglected or alone. (No, this isn't a rhetorical statement, he really did this for one of his friends while working full time and making art.) Hiram was loyal. He put the same care into friendship as he did his work.

Rest in peace, Hiram. You were our Cassandra, our Queen H.