Life After Twenty-Five Days of Meditation

Ever since I started mindfulness classes at work, I've meditated every single day. I use the free app Insight, and according to the stats I've done it every morning for the last twenty-five days. (I really like measuring things.) In the past I've used Headspace, but I prefer Insight because I like the idea of starting the practice at five minutes and building on that.  Sometimes I use a timer, and other times guided meditation. (Sa Ta Na Ma is a great one.) There isn't a day that's so busy that I can't take five minutes to sit still and breathe. For someone recovering from procrastination, breaking this down to a small step creates the conditions for success.

Most articles about morning routines recommend meditation. Now that I've been able to get into the rhythm of the practice, I'd say that it is a necessary action if you want your life to be great. My mind is calmer and I have less anxiety than before. Also during the day I now sometimes catch myself holding my breath, while before I just wasn't aware.

The best part is knowing that over the past month, I've taken more than two hours to sit with myself, breathe, and to let go. I'm feeling stronger and soon I think I can also make writing a part of my morning practice.